We are a team of direct sales industry veterans.

Through our team’s years of experience in direct sales & network marketing companies, we’ve seen that the industry is held back by low distributor & customer engagement.

Low engagement leads to high churn. With a typical monthly churn rate of 23%, most direct sales companies would be out of business within five months without additional recruiting.

DirecTech Labs was created to tap an incredible opportunity: helping the industry grow by improving experience and satisfaction for consultants and customers.

Here are some of our results to date:

  • Impacted close to 20 million direct sellers and their customers
  • Active in 70+ countries around the world
  • More than 11 billion data points analyzed

We believe the best business model for mankind is direct sales.


Direct Selling makes people the center of a good or service in their community while giving them a meaningful economic and social mission and an opportunity to develop personally and professionally. 

It is our vision for the Direct Selling industry to become a go-to market channel that is empowering people, driving profits, and building up diverse communities — with minimal collateral damage and celebrated by regulators the world over.

Our team of direct selling insiders and data specialists is adapting innovations from e-commerce and the gig economy into the direct and social selling model. 

We use data analysis, behavioral science, and AI to create personalized experiences for direct selling companies and increase the engagement of their customers and distributors.

We Believe there's an Incredible Future for Direct Sales.

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