The Competitive Edge – Creating Highly Personalized Experiences

The Competitive Edge: Creating Highly Personalized Experiences Three main market forces — e-commerce, direct to consumer channels, and the gig economy — are creating pressure on the direct selling channel. They cause a lot of people in our channel to rethink how we do direct selling and what

You’re Doing Pattern Recognition Without Even Knowing It

   You’re Doing Pattern Recognition Without Even Knowing It. (Here’s How to Do It 1,000% Faster.) If you’re a true veteran of the direct selling industry, you’ve spent countless hours out there in the field. You’ve met the many different kinds of people who get involved in direct

Why Don’t Direct Selling Companies’ Retention Efforts Work?

If increasing retention is one of the top activities to drive growth, why don’t direct selling companies’ retention efforts work?   Increasing sales, recruiting, and retention are leading factors that drive growth for most direct selling companies. If increasing retention is so important, why don’t direct selling companies’ retention

Why is Attrition in Direct Selling So High?

Attrition in direct selling is SO high. In fact, many recognize that attrition (or churn) is the Achilles heel of the direct selling industry. The relentless current every company fights and so many companies finally succumb to. Despite this few stop to consider the reasons why it happens.

Big Data

The DSEF and Big Data At the Direct Selling Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting, a panel of leading experts on the Big Data Revolution shared their insights with more than 1000 of Direct Selling industry executives. What is Big Data: Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns,

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