Using Automation for Direct Selling Churn Prevention Among Your Customers

We recently wrote about automated messaging technology that can help you increase direct selling retention rate among your distributors.

Can this same technology also help you reduce churn among your customers? Absolutely.

This technology is all about communicating with your people. Rather than giving them the feeling that once they make a purchase they’re on their own, you can check in with them at regular intervals to keep building the relationship.

And keep in mind that this communication is meant to be two-way. You’re not just broadcasting your marketing messages to your customers. You actually want to solicit their input. That way you can understand them better and give them more of what they need (and less of what they don’t).

Let’s take a look at how this would play out with your customers.

Direct Selling Churn Prevention For Your Customers, One Message at a Time

How can you strengthen your customer relationships in ways that keep people truly interested in your products? We can start by addressing one of the longstanding problems in direct selling: limited insight into product consumption.

Think about it: while you may have sales figures at your fingertips, you probably don’t have a reliable way of knowing how many of your customers are actually using your products. You may have sold thousands of boxes of your weight loss supplements, but how do you know if those customers are using the products and getting the benefits – and whether they will be motivated to buy again?

You can launch a direct selling churn prevention initiative simply by using automated messaging to check in with your customers.

Right after purchase, you could ask them about their goals with your product—and then tailor future messages based on their answers. After 30 days, you could ask them if they would like to receive automatic daily reminders to take the supplement. After 60 days, you might ask them which flavor they like best—and offer to ship them more. After 90 days, you can encourage them to brag about their results! (Yes, customers will share your products even though they are not in your comp plan.)

When you do these things, you’re showing that you care. You’re also staying on each customer’s radar in ways that can help increase consumption as well as retention. And as more and more of your customers get excited about your products, just think about how many of them will eventually choose to become distributors! 

Where to Find Direct Selling Churn Prevention Solutions

Now, here’s the real beauty of the automation technology I’m talking about: As you send these messages, you’re not just staying in front of your customers. You’re also collecting their answers and using them to flesh out deeper behavioral segments for everyone in your organization. This will only accelerate your direct selling churn prevention efforts in the future.

After all, the more you know your people, the closer you can come to giving them the customer experience they expect. In the age of Amazon and more personalized customer experiences across your competitive landscape that’s more important than ever.

We at DirecTech Labs are developing this automation technology, and much of it is available right now.
Reach out now for a free in depth business case. 

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