5-Star Ratings: A Clever Way to Enhance Direct Sales Recruiting

It seems that no matter where you go and what you do in life, somebody is rating you. That’s true even in our gig economy.

When we were in school, we got report cards. When we got our first day job, we were subjected to performance reviews. Once we started racking up enough credit card debt, we all began furtively checking our credit scores.

Whichever service you use, you now expect to receive a text message or email after the fact asking you to rate your experience: “Did you get awesome service today? Please give us a five-star rating!”

It would be easy to dismiss this trend as mere lip service to customer satisfaction. You know: send out a message, give people a chance to praise or vent, and then ignore the results. But the fact that everyone seems to be doing it makes it seem that companies really do take ratings seriously.

Companies that are serious about direct sales recruiting should follow suit.

Influence Behavior, Enhance Your Brand

For decades, direct sales recruiting has operated on a simple principle: sign up as many sales reps as you can. The ones who apply themselves and make lots of sales will stick with the business. The ones who don’t, won’t.

Along with this approach, we’ve all accepted high churn rates as part of the deal. But in recent years, companies that want to improve their direct sales recruiting and attract sales reps and customers who will stick around are changing their strategy.

They’re thinking about how to provide a more positive experience for their new sales reps and customers. What’s the best way to do that? By making sure the people already in your organization are representing your brand well.

Think about it: is a customer more likely to make repeat purchases from a sales rep who’s constantly calling them to upsell? Or from a sales rep who listens to their needs, provides friendly recommendations, and knows when to back off?

Put 5-Star Rating to Work

As we’ve discussed before, direct selling companies only have so many ways to influence the behavior of their sales reps. Incentives and promotions only go so far.

But what about putting rating technology at the fingertips of all your sales reps and customers, and asking them to give 1-to-5-star ratings for everyone they deal with on a regular basis?

You could ask your newest customers to rate their initial purchase process. You could ask new sales reps to rate the helpfulness of their upline distributors. You would then end up with at least a broad-brush picture of who’s pulling their weight and who’s not.

What does this have to do with direct sales recruiting?

Well, when your sales reps know they’re getting rated on how they treat people, how quickly they respond, how thoroughly they answer questions, and how welcome they make each new sales rep or customer feel, they’ll naturally work much harder to avoid the sting of a 1- or 2-star rating.

They’ll also behave in ways that help you, rather than hurt you, in direct sales recruiting.

Keep Your Best People Around

Want to know the best way to implement ratings in your company? Focus on making rating functionality available first to your brand-new customers and sales reps. You’ll get an idea of whether people are joining your company because of your direct sales recruiting efforts, or in spite of them.

The days of burning through sales reps and customers are over. Smart direct selling companies are using ratings to remind their people that it’s not just making the sale that matters—it’s how you make it. 

Read our recent article about how direct sales recruiting starts with better data. 

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