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How to Increase Retention in Direct Selling with Automated, Customizable Messaging

If you could spot the biggest opportunities in your direct selling funnel, you would focus your efforts there and reap much greater rewards than you’ve ever gotten before.

The trouble is, most of us are flying blind—or at least nearly blind. We have hunches about which of our key people really need help and what kind of help they need. We direct our attention to those situations, and we make a difference. But could we have made a bigger difference elsewhere? It’s impossible to know unless we have some way of monitoring all the gaps in our sales funnel, 24×7.

That’s exactly the ability DirecTech Labs will give you in our latest platform release. We’ll allow you to not only identify exactly where you should be focusing, but also iterate quickly in the types of messages you’re sending distributors and customers to prevent them and their colleagues from quitting your company. Armed with these powerful capabilities, you can get better results with less work.

Identify the Customers and Distributors Who Need You Most

As you know, improving the performance of your direct selling business is a daily grind. You probably download lists of top distributors from your back office, tick off the names of people who you think need your assistance, and spend the day communicating with these people in ways that drive better performance. DISTRO®, our AI, helps you do what you’ve always done well, but more efficiently and with greater impact.

Look, your instincts about who to help are probably very solid. That perfectly happy six-figure distributor you haven’t talked to in a while will be glad to get your call, and her performance may very well improve after your conversation. But Distro can warn you when you’d be better off spending time with a five-figure distributor who’s at high risk of quitting your company.

With Distro, you wake up each morning with a clear plan for how to spend your time today. You communicate with the highest-value people who are at the greatest risk of leaving. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up to a new list, and you’ll always have peace of mind that you’re using your time as productively as possible.

Customize Messages for Greater Impact

Of course,Distro does more than just warn you about the people who are at most risk of leaving—as valuable as that is.Distro also gives you the automated tools to customize your communication in ways that will lead to higher retention, and helps you identify gaps in your funnel that represent opportunities for improvement.

With Distro, you can automatically send email or text messages to help prevent key distributors and customers from leaving when they’re above a certain risk threshold. These messages are completely customizable to the situation.

Suppose a previously high-value customer hasn’t purchased from you in a while. You can configure Distro to email them with an incentive to make a large purchase. If it’s a lower-dollar customer, you can tailor the message to encourage a smaller order.

If you’re trying to retain one of your largest distributors, it may be appropriate to send an email directly to a corporate manager. But for most distributors, a text message to an influential person in their upline will be the best tactic to get retention efforts started.

Distro empowers you to tailor the wording of each message to reflect your company’s brand and voice. Even more importantly, it helps you optimize your communication cycle by reporting on your results. Armed with this information, you can eliminate gaps in your communication.

For example, suppose you’ve been losing too many mid-level distributors. Distro will spot this problem and help you experiment with who you’re sending messages to and how often. Perhaps you need to send messages to that person’s sponsor every day, instead of every other day. Or perhaps you’d get better results by contacting people farther upline. You won’t know until you test and measure with Distro.

Is DISTRO Your Unfair Advantage?

Much of the real power of Distro lies in its ability to segment your distributors and customers according to their lifecycle in your organization. In your current retention efforts, you probably make different offers to new customers than you do to longstanding ones. You’ll also take a different tone with a 10-year distributor than with a rookie who’s disenchanted after six months. Distro recommends messaging based on each person’s unique needs right now.

But don’t think for a moment that Distro overshadows the need for your own expertise. On the contrary, your instincts and business savvy will remain the driving force behind all of your company’s messaging to customers and distributors. Distro simply identifies the people who need your guidance most, and helps eliminate the delays and human error that often prevent you from reaching these people in time.

We’d call Distro an unfair advantage—but hey, if your competitors are asleep at the switch, that’s on them, not you.

By all means, keep getting out there in the field and meeting your customers and distributors. Trust your gut. But you’d be crazy not to give yourself an additional edge with AI. Learn more about how Distro works.

Learn how PM-International achieved up to 25% revenue uplift over 6 months by extending the lifespan of its distributors and customers around the world. Download the case study here

how Direct Selling firm PM-International achieved a revenue uplift by extending the lifespan of its distributors and customers - DirecTech Labs

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