Innovation is everywhere. Well, almost… - DirecTech LabsWith over 1000 incubators in US alone and many times more startups, innovation (driven by technology) is everywhere and touching just about every industry. Well perhaps with one exception. There is no innovation ecosystem around direct selling.

Why do companies invest in incubator programs? Why not own everything? Lets take a candid and logical approach:

1. Disruptive innovation is not what you do: Disruptive innovation has nothing to do with making current ideas and processes better. It’s about discovering new paradigms. Instead of grabbing more of the pie disruption makes the pie bigger. (Uber didn’t just make a taxi business more efficient. It changed the way taxis work ENTIRELY.)

2. No industry is safe from disruption: Amazon killed bookstores. Digital cameras killed film companies. Airbnb is now the most valuable hotel business on earth. Uber is nearly 5X more valuable than the entire taxi industry.

3. Direct Selling will be fundamentally different within 5 years: It is reasonable to say that Direct Selling is not an exception to the above. Regardless of any potential regulatory impact, direct selling will experience a disruption, or a renewal of the fundamentals of how DS is done.

4. Disruption is not part of incumbent DNA: There are almost no examples of an incumbent leader in any industry developing a true disruptive innovation. The talents that created Airbnb, Uber and other disruptive companies could never be owned by the companies they’ve disrupted.

5. External entrepreneurs and their investors are the key: Their independent perspectives and ability to lever new technologies allow them to avoid the political, “practical” and managerial road blocks of internal teams.

6. If you can’t beat em: Adaptive companies across industries realize that in order to stay ahead, they must tap in to the spirit of independent entrepreneurs to access the disruptive innovations they create.

7. Direct Selling will disrupt itself, or be disrupted: The industry must create its own incubator to experiment with various technologies and concepts in order to “Disrupt from Within”. The alternative is to continue on the current path and watch someone else create the future of the channel without us as many other industries have seen.

Is your company ready to disrupt? Only 3 Direct Selling companies will be chosen to partner with DIrecTech Labs. Contact us to learn more.

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