You’re Doing Pattern Recognition Without Even Knowing It. (Here’s How to Do It 1,000% Faster.)

If you’re a true veteran of the direct selling industry, you’ve spent countless hours out there in the field. You’ve met the many different kinds of people who get involved in direct sales. Some of them have performed exactly how you expected them to. Others have dramatically exceeded your expectations—or disappointed you on a grand scale.

Over the years, each of these people has become a data point in your mind—someone whose journey as a distributor or customer has helped you hone your overall ability to size people up and determine their potential worth to your company.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that your instincts are good and you should continue to trust them. But it took you a while to get here, didn’t it? And you surely have more left to learn. (If you didn’t believe that, you probably would have quit by now to pursue new challenges.

So, how can you accelerate that learning? How can you get the benefit of meeting thousands more distributors and customers, but condense it down to a few minutes? Try using an artificial intelligence (AI) solution.

Why You Need AI for Pattern Recognition

When you think about it, this instinct you’ve spent years building up is nothing more than pattern recognition. With every customer or distributor you’ve met, you’ve made a mental note of what that person was like, what you initially expected of him or her, and how he or she ultimately ended up performing.

Along the way, you’ve learned from your misjudgments. Remember that really chatty, energetic gal who seemed like she’d be an ideal spokesperson for your products, but then she ended up quitting after three months? You probably realized after the fact how to spot the signs of someone who’s all talk and no action. Or how about that incredibly quiet, shy guy who you were sure wouldn’t last as a distributor?

You realized later that his apparent lack of enthusiasm was actually a thoughtful, unwavering determination to build a million-dollar business—which he did within a couple of years. Lesson learned. You can and should go on trusting your instincts about your customers and distributors. These gut feelings are probably at least 80 or 90 percent accurate by now. But you can speed up your learning process by using AI for pattern recognition.

Pattern Recognition at Scale, in Minutes

An AI solution can do what you’re already doing in your subconscious mind, only much faster and at scale. When you meet a new distributor and quickly develop an impression of how they’ll do in your business, you’re engaging in pattern recognition without even knowing it. You’ve met this type of distributor before and you remember how they tend to do.

AI does the same thing by analyzing the results of thousands of similar people and generating data on your new distributor’s potential value to your company. You’ll gain insights into what you can do to help this person succeed and why they’re most likely to leave. From there, you can take action to give them the best odds of having a satisfying experience—and improving your bottom line.

At DirecTech Labs, we’re producing the AI technology that enables direct selling firms to do just that. To date, we’ve analyzed the behavioral data of about 9 million people in 30 countries. We know what makes people tick—and we’ve identified the most important patterns in their behavior.

To put it another way: our AI technology has many of the same instincts you do, but it has already “met” millions of people in the direct selling industry and can share the fruits of its experience within seconds.

By all means, keep getting out there in the field and meeting your customers and distributors. Trust your gut. But you’d be crazy not to give yourself an additional edge with AI. Learn more about how our AI robot works.

We have a lot more to share about how you can address your retention problem. It’s probably easier if you read our new eBook: How Direct Selling Can Use AI to Solve The Age-Old Retention Problem

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